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What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coach Dallas - Kim Carson

Kim Carson, Life Coach Dallas

Having a Life Coach in Dallas is now about as common as engaging a personal trainer. But what is a Life Coach, and, what sort of coaching do they do? Life Coaching is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – a “talking” therapy if you will, and its aim is the increase of human happiness.

Life Coaching is focused on your life in the present, and, how your life could be in the future. Unlike traditional Counseling, Life Coaching looks backward only briefly to find the root of unproductive thinking. Once informed, it unties a knot or two, then focuses on “where are we?” andĀ  “where do we want to be?”.

Sessions at Life Coaching Dallas are not mystic, they are down-to-earth, and the primary tool we use is your own thinking mind. In guided conversation you learn why you have arrived in the current situation, then we find a strategy, create motivation, and focus your effort on progress towards fresh, inspiring ways of being.

Who is Life Coaching for?

You for a start! Anyone wanting improvement in an aspect of their life will find useful information, strategies and help with sessions of Life Coaching. A new job, a promotion at the job you currently have, or greater job satisfaction are all worthy goals that clearly will benefit from Life Coaching. Increasingly, successful legal professionals, business executives, and entrepreneurs are seeking out Life Coaching for balance between work and private life.

Whatever you want to change, life coaching can probably help with just a few important exceptions. Those with mental illness or an addiction to drugs should seek help from therapists specializing in those areas.

How does Life Coaching Work?

Most of our Life Coaching is done by telephone with sessions lasting from 30 minutes to over an hour. Sessions are usually scheduled weekly, but could occur less often. A client may schedule just a single session and see some benefit, or more likely they will work with their life coach for some months. Every case is different, yet as a general rule major changes happen within four to eight sessions session.

During a Life Coaching session, what happens?

Every client session is unique. Exactly what occurs depends upon the issue being worked on, and where in the process we are, yet here are some things which are typical:

  • All life coaching sessions are confidential
  • Sessions are fun, relaxed and positive from beginning to end
  • Clients are in charge and they set boundariesĀ  that are comfortable for themselves
  • We do not tell client what to do
  • Many techniques are used during life coaching – special ways of listening, asking carefully constructed questions – with these tools we enable and encourage clients to find understanding of their lives, and elicit the answers needed

The easiest and fastest way to learn what life coaching is, and to see how it might help you, is to try it.

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