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About Kim Carson – Life Coach Dallas

Kim Carson, Life Coaching Dallas

Kim Carson, B.S., M.Ed, L.P.C

Kim Carson, Life Coach Dallas, restores wholeness and life satisfaction by enhancing your strengths, not fixing weaknesses.

Kim Carson has over ten years of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor and  Life Coach Dallas. She works primarily with legal professionals, entrepreneurs, business executives, and their families – helping them to enjoy happier, more fulfilled lives.

As an experienced Life Coach Dallas, Kim has noted a consistent theme in many clients: “All too often we focus on what we are not… leaving us demotivated and with a negative self image. We get “stuck” listening to our inner critic – wrongly believing we can’t succeed instead of seeing the many good reasons we can achieve success. Many times it is the lack of objective self-awareness that stands in the way of first visualizing, and then achieving our goals.”

Kim says “My personal and professional belief system is based on identifying and utilizing our strengths in order for us to become the greatest version of ourselves. By gaining deeper insight into our true sense of self, we stop living someone else’s idea of who we are and begin living on our own terms.”

“My motto is – live deliberately, with clarity and purpose.”

Living is a process, many times involving circumstances beyond our control.  Learning to cope with and understand what these situations mean for us can open the door to a new, more self confident you.

Services offered by Kim Carson – Life Coach Dallas:

  • Life Coaching for Lawyers
  • Individual Counseling for Adults and Children
  • Parent Coaching
  • Family Life Coaching
  • Counseling
  • Divorce Family Transitioning
  • Collaborative Law Counseling